MUSIC UNIVERSITY: Emotions and Music I/II – Oct. 17/22 and Nov. 14/19

MUSIC UNIVERSITY: Emotions & Music l & ll
Oct. 17/22 and Nov. 14/19

Emotions & Music l
Wednesday, October 17, 7:50 pm
Monday, October 22, 12 noon*

Emotions & Music ll
Wednesday, November 14, 7:50 pm
Monday, November 19, noon*

With Cantor Joseph Ness

Almost every moment in a person’s life is continually underscored by music – from our birth, to our death, our celebrations, our wars, and our victories. From a call to prayer, or just somebody at the door, music is there. Music is ancient, visceral, and inextricably linked to old and deep emotion, a fact that allows composers to access and dialogue with their audience at a deep level. Such is the influencing power of music.

November 14 and 19, Lecture II will be a discussion about culture and how it influences our reception of music. Questions that will be raised will include: “When you go to a concert, why does one clap after a piece is done? How do religious services compare to being at a concert? How does the present day audience differ from audiences of the past? Has the recording industry effected how we listen to music?”

We will also discuss some of the important ways that music creates emotion, specifically through form and content. Join me in this exploration of the power of music!

Please join us at 7:30 pm for minyan preceding these lectures.

No charge for admission. Open to the public.
*Encore presentations repeat the preceding Wednesday lecture.