MUSIC UNIVERSITY: Emotions and Music I/II – Oct. 17/22 and Nov. 14/19

MUSIC UNIVERSITY: Emotions & Music l & ll
Oct. 17/22 and Nov. 14/19

Emotions & Music l
Wednesday, October 17, 7:50 pm
Monday, October 22, 12 noon*

Emotions & Music ll
Wednesday, November 14, 7:50 pm
Monday, November 19, noon*

With Cantor Joseph Ness

Almost every moment in a person’s life is continually underscored by music – from our birth, to our death, our celebrations, our wars, and our victories. From a call to prayer, or just somebody at the door, music is there. Music is ancient, visceral, and inextricably linked to old and deep emotion, a fact that allows composers to access and dialogue with their audience at a deep level. Such is the influencing power of music.

Please join us at 7:30 pm for minyan preceding these lectures.

No charge for admission. Open to the public.
*Encore presentations repeat the preceding Wednesday lecture.