MUSIC UNIVERSITY: Music of the Ages I / II – May 1/6 and May 15/20

MUSIC UNIVERSITY: Music of the Ages l & ll
May 1/6 and May 15/20

Music of the Ages l
Wednesday, May 1, 7:50 pm
Monday, May 6,12 noon*

Music of the Ages ll
Wednesday, May 15, 7:50 pm
Monday, May 20,12 noon*

With Cantor Joseph Ness
Please join us at 7:30 pm for Minyan preceding these lectures.
No charge for admission. Open to the public.
*Encore presentations repeat the preceding Wednesday lecture.

Over the centuries, women have expressed their faith through music, both privately and together within groups. Otherwise, the mainstream of communal and general society relegated women to the background in liturgical music. Throughout history, women’s roles in music-making and religious ritual raise significant issues regarding biblical legacy and theological traditions. Reconsidering the banning of women’s voices (kol ishah) from liturgical services is reflected in the development of society. In this lecture series we will discuss voices and gender from biblical times and throughout the ages, exploring our musical roots in Europe and Africa, as well as the instruments and dances that converge to create the popular music of our time.